REAVER Kickflip


Reaver Kickflip

We’ve been busying prototyping our new first full custom knife The “Kickflip”.   The goal for me was a clean sleek look with great ergonomics and of course an amazing action. Another big focus was blade to handle ratio.  It took some trial and error along with some tricks to get the blade to handle ratio maxed on on this guy.  Blade steel is m390. We are also experimenting with CPM Magnacut. The kickflip uses a steel lockbar insert, titanium  skeletonized frames, ceramic bearings and detent. The blade length is right around 3.6 inches. 

The Name Kickflip

I wanted to come up consistent theme that would work for this and future knife designs.   My wife and I are both skateboarders. In fact I met her at the skatepark. On our first date she fractured her skull and that was how I got to meet her family. The rest is history.  Back to the knife…  We were both talking about what would work as a theme and she suggested skateboard names. So for our first flipper  knife we chose Kickflip. I also said any name we choose I still have to be able to do the trick.  Even though I’m getting older I can still kickflip.  So there ya go.

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