Reaver Citadel

The Citadel is our proud first entry into the world of deluxe custom flashlights. It’s design is inspired by gothic architecture and its signature flutes run seamlessly full lenght of the light.  The Citadel is machined from high-end materials including titanium, copper, brass and other exotic materials such as timascus and zirconium. It features advanced drivers in the form of the H17F or the dual color CWF Dragon pushing premium Nichia and Samsung high cri LEDs. The small single cell form factor is capable of outputting 1000+ lumens but more importantly extremely pleasing colors with a high color rendering index. The Citadel is proudly made in the USA.   

How do I get one?

Each Citadel is custom made one by one, and we are humbled that demand is already very high. We will offer occasional limited “drops” where we release a few onto the site. Drops will sell out in minutes and are first come first serve, so MAKE SURE to sign up for our mailing list to be the notified in advance of these drops. We will occasionally have special events such as lotteries and auctions for our very special builds on our  social media pages, so make sure to follow us there at:


Our Process

We use CNC and manual machining along with careful hand work to complete each Citadel.  Even when running the CNC we stop every part to manually check the threads and make minor adjustments to achieve a perfect fit. The Citadel features continuously milled flutes across the body and head. This is something rarely done due to the tolerances required for the design to match up when the threads bottom out. Even with perfect tolerances the threads will slightly wear over time, so we have designed a perfect fit with the o-ring to allow slight adjustment as needed while minimizing a gap. Once each light is machined we hand sand  then stone wash, polish or anodize.



Optional CWF Dragon Driver with Dual Color LEDs



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