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New Product In Development: Reaver Kickflip

We are nearly out of the prototype phase for our first custom knife, the Reaver Kickflip. Make sure to follow our social media accounts to watch the progress and for a look behind the scenes.  There is already quite a bit of interest and we are not sure exactly how these will be released.  So make sure to sign up for the email list to be notified about potential drops. We also started a makers choice / interest list for the Kickflip. Click the link below for more info. 


The Citadel is our proud first entry into the world of deluxe custom flashlights. It’s design is inspired by gothic architecture and it’s signature flutes run seamlessly full length of the light.  The Citadel is machined from high-end materials including titanium, copper, brass and other exotic materials such as timascus and zirconium. It features advanced drivers in the form of the H17F or the dual color CWF Dragon pushing premium Nichia and Samsung high CRI LEDs. The small single cell form factor is capable of outputting 1000+ lumens, but more importantly extremely pleasing colors with a high color rendering index. The Citadel is proudly made in the USA.

Reaver Flashbox

What is a FlashBox? Is it a slider? Is it a fidget toy,  a pillbox, a keepsake? The FlashBox is pocket art. It’s meant to be admired, used to pass the time and even help with anxiety or focus. The FlashBox will be available in multiple materials with custom inlay and art insert options.

Meet the Maker: Jesse Hayes

I’ve always had the desire to create. I live for the process of overcoming the challenges associated with learning a new craft. From an early age, I could be found drawing, sculpting, building or playing with electronics. This combination of art and science led me into the world of special effects. Just out of high school, I began working at Autodesk as an animator then started my own video game company called S2 Games. Over 15 years It grew from 3 people to over 120 employees. During this time I was also methodically building my workshop while continually honing skills in machining, electrical and mechanical engineering and more. I love designing the digital world but there is nothing like holding a physically produced piece of art in your hand. 

All Reaver Arms products are personally made by me in my shop in Northern California. My driving force has always been to learn, improve and produce the best products I possibly can. 


Follow the Progress

If you don’t already do so, make sure to give us a follow on social media. We share a lot of behind the scenes action and love  to collaborate with our community.  We also will offer special giveaways and other lotteries there as well.